Tuesday, October 27, 2009

nothing exciting

I really have nothing exciting to write about and i'm trying to waste some time so I thought i would fill this thing out that i stole from Kimber....thanks :)

A- Age: 23....24 in a few days wow that is crazy

B- Bed size: king, thank you gma Vest

C- Chore I love: I actually like cleaning as long as im by myself and i have to be in the mood, but that is like everyday lately

D- Dogs name: Ralphy

E- Essential start to my day: breakfast

F- Favorite color: pink

G- Gold or Silver: Silver

H- How many times have you been outside the USA: never

I- Instruments I play: nothing good

J- Job Title: pe teacher

K- Kids: none

L- Living arrangements: With Anthony and Ralphy in a town house

M- Most popular dessert at my house: I think our newest favorite is nestle toll house turtle cookies...they are so good. but ice cream and popsicles are always gone fast at our house sometimes the same day i buy it

N- Number of times I have stayed overnight at the hospital, not counting my own birth: never

O- Outdoor activity I have never tried but would like to: bungee jumping

P- Pet peeve: i have many, but i think my biggest is when people lie especially about stupid things.

Q- Quote from a movie: no clue

R- Restaurant I could eat at everyday: pretty much anywhere

S- Siblings: 3 older brothers 2 little sisters

T- Time I wake-up: 7:45-8:15 depending on how tired i am and how much i have to do before work

U- Unknown fact about me: hmmmmm can't think of anything really

V- Vegetable I dislike: none

W- What is my dream vacation: all inclusive trip to mexico, bahamas, australia or italy

X-rays I've had: mouth, chest, wrist, back, ribs, tailbone i think thats it

Y- Yummy food I make: ha when i actually cook (which has been a lot lately....weird) i like my chicken but i think anthony would say my roast or steak

Z- Zoo favorite: everything, i love the zoo especially with my nieces and i have three more since the last time i went so looks like a trip has to happen this spring

Monday, October 12, 2009


Anthony and I went to California to go to his uncle's wedding. It was a much needed vacation for the both of us and it was so nice to spend time with each other. The wedding was amazing, seriously the most perfect wedding i have seen in forever! It ended up not being so much of a vacation for us in the end, but we still had a great time together and it was so fun to see his family from California because we never get to see them. His family is so awesome and I wish we would have been able to spend more time with them. We got back from California last Tuesday, we had to drive all night long because we both had to work on tues morning and a bunch of stuff happened that made us not able to leave cali until like 10 at night so we had a 12 hour drive and were both supposed to be at work in the morning. Ya, no way were we going to make it. I was luckily able to get a sub to take my classes so i drove all night so anthony could sleep since he had to go straight to work when we got into town. It sucked to say the least, but after multiple energy drinks, books on tape and a lot of pit stops we made it.

Work is still going great, i LOVE my job its so crazy to get paid to do something you love. It was my niece Constance's birthday on Sat. she turned 1. i can't believe she is already a year old. She is walking already and has the cutest little personality. Jeremy and Sara (parents) had a Halloween birthday party for her with all of the fam and close friends. It was so fun and i love when we all get together. My family is so amazing and I love spending time with them and now that i don't work for my parents anymore i don't see them nearly as much as i use to. Anthony had to work though so he couldn't make it, but it was so fun to see everyone and see all of the fun costumes. My grandma Peterson I have to say had the best costume of all....she made a night stand out of cardboard and wore it around her neck, put a lamp shade over her head with eye holes cut out and had a sign that said "one night stand" haha what a hilarious costume, especially for a grandma to wear i loved it and am going to steal her idea one of these years. I have pictures of it that i haven't uploaded yet, but i will. She put so much detail into it and it turned out so perfect. Thats about everything that has been going on lately. Our lives aren't too exciting, but thats the way we like it, everything just seems to be falling perfectly into place for us and we are so thankful for everything we have. Here are some pics from California, I have some from Constance's b-day but haven't uploaded them yet so when i do i will post them too.
Starting out on our long drive.

On our way to the wedding

such a beautiful wedding

Anthony, his aunt Kim and cousin Bronson

Anthony and his uncle Steven

playing football on the beach

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's new

Well I have now been teaching for two and a half weeks. I LOVE it! really I have the best job i could ever imagine! I was so scared at first because I know how to set up a classroom because thats what i went to school for, so i know i could set up a class room and the curriculum for the year, but i got the p.e. specialist job at a brand new school and i really didn't know what i was suppose to do. I felt so lost, but I am getting the hang of things now. When i first found out i got the pe specialist job i was so excited because i love every sport and i absolutely love exercising and think it is very important, especially with kids getting so involved with technology games and don't really like to go outside and play anymore. So I was stoked to teach pe and really who doesn't love pe, so i already had that going for me. The school I got a job at is brand new and it is out in Saratoga Springs so it is also close to my home which is so nice(no commute) the school is not 100% finished and the gym and my office aren't done but i have been taking my classes outside since the weather is still nice and i love it and i have an empty classroom to use until everything gets finished. Really no words can even say how much i love my job. it is so fun and i love all of my students, kids are the best and are just so innocent and sweet and also so dang funny. I get to work with every grade too which is so good for me because I have never been able to decide on what grade i would really want to teach so this way i get to experience them all and then when i do get an actual classroom i will know what grade i really want to teach and i will know how to deal with the different age groups, that is if i ever want to not teach pe because so far i love it so much and can see myself doing this even when i have kids of my own because the schedule is so nice and a lot easier than an actual teachers schedule. This is the first time in my life i look forward to going to work everyday, it seems so weird and i can't believe i get paid to do what i do. i would totally do it for free because i love it so much! Anyway everything else in life is going good just being a wife and remodeling our town home which i am having a blast doing too. I feel like everything in my life the last two weeks just keeps getting better and i love it! Anthony is doing great just working and trying to get into classes to get his schooling done, hopefully he gets finished soon! I also am going to go back to school next semester so i can get my masters and i am so excited to go back. I already miss school which i never thought i would say, but i really love to learn so im excited to go back in january. and with my work schedule this is the perfect time for me to finish.

On a totally different note i just have to express my feelings about how annoying people or maybe i should say the internet can be. Okay i know that blogs, myspace facebook etc. are used to keep friends and everyone updated on what is going on in everyones lives, which i love, but i think there are so many people that really take it to the extreme. it drives me crazy! especially when people who really are not that close to anthony or i use our internet things and act like they know what is going on in our lives and then talk about it to other people, my closest friends don't even do that. It drives me crazy, but it drives anthony even more crazy. He wants me to delete my blog so bad because he hates when people that he runs into or people even text him and ask him or say something about personal things that are going on in our lives and most of the time he doesn't even know what they are talking about. yes, i know that by having these things like a blog i am putting my business out there for everyone to see, but i feel like i only put things up that i don't mind people knowing, but what really kills me is when people take what is say in the wrong way or take it in a way that i don't mean. Also why do people live by what happens on peoples facebooks. you know many things can be done or said on facebook that are NOT even done by the person that owns that facebook. I finally just deleted my facebook because for one, someone got my password and wrote some things on there and that has also happened to anthony a while back and said stupid things to people that he would NEVER say, but some people were so dumb they really thought it was him DUH people come on use your brains. I just got so tired of people texting anthony about things that are said on MY facebook. really if people want to know then why don't they ask me? NOT my husband. He thinks it is so annoying and pathetic. One day he came home and was just like PLEASE delete your blog....i have had so many people texting me and asking me about what is going on in your life haha well once i found out what they were asking him i knew it was from my facebook, not my blog. I just deleted it after that because i know that because i was annoyed about it. now i know if i write a status update it sends it to all of my friends, but at the same time things can be taken in so many ways and if you want to know whats up then ask me. obviously i don't care if you are curious or want to know what is going on or i wouldn't have posted the update in the first place. i will definitely admit that i am guilty and totally check out peoples internet sites....hello that is what they are for right? i just hate when people start spreading stuff to others when really they have no clue what is going on and they are just going off of some website. I love facebook, myspace and my blog! i love keeping in touch with everyone and keeping updated on other peoples lives thats why i have them. I know i will get another facebook eventually but i really don't even have time to get on anything and update anything anymore. with my old job i was on the computer all day everyday so i could keep up on them all the time. and plus if someone else writes something on my facebook i wouldn't even know because i don't get on there, so unless someone asks me then all of my friends are going to think that i wrote whatever was said. I just wish people would think about things and actually think hmmmm would they really write that and realize that it is not true. I hope no one is offended by this post because i guarantee that i am not even talking about any of you. There are just a few people i really am not friends with and neither is anthony, but we do know them from school or whatever and then we find out they are saying this or that because they saw our facebook or something haha i just think it is hilarious, but also annoying because so many people think so many things are going on in our lives that are not because of dumb internet sites. i just had to vent my frustrations about it because it is annoying. And if i am willing to put it on my site and you don't know what is going on why don't you just ask me if you really want to know i really won't care or i wouldn't have said anything in the first place and really don't text anthony about what i write, he gets SO annoyed and thinks internet crap is so annoying and then he tries to get me to delete my sites which annoys me haha. Anyway im done going off, but i just wanted to give a quick update on our lives, things are truly going so well for us right now. and i am truly counting my blessings because our lives are just falling right into place and we are both so happy and look forward to our futures. i hope everyone is doing good!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

so behind

ok i haven't gotten around to putting up the pictures from wyoming yet, but i have been way too busy. I found out at the end of last week that i got a job at the new Sage Hills Elem. I am so excited!!!! I feel so lucky and blessed to have gotten a job last minute. i was planning on just subbing this year and hopefully find a teaching job next year, but things always seem to work out! I started working on monday and really sometimes feel like i have no idea what i am doing, but things are coming together and i am so excited to begin my career in teaching. When i finally get the pictures from my old work computer onto my new work computer i will post some pics of the rafting trip.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


well we finally made it home. I definitely could have stayed another week. The ride home was soooo long because of my dumb ass! I missed the park city exit so we went through heber which was no biggy, but we (me, mckell, will and taylor) got stuck behind a huge wreck in the provo canyon. truck and trailer tipped blocking all lanes so we spent about three hours stopped in the canyon. it really wasn't too bad though it was kinda fun to talk and get to know them all on a better level. The trip was a blast for the most part. i had so much fun with my family and it was nice to get away from EVERYTHING! but now i feel like i need a RELAXING vacation from this vacation because the river trip is busy busy busy and when you add three little babies and three kids under six and then the whole rest of the crew it was overall exhausting BUT so worth every minute of it. I would get in my car and go back right now if i could and do it all over again! I will post pictures tomorrow when im at work. But i hope you all had a great and safe 24th!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I can't wait to get the heck out of here tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The fam is getting ready for our camping trip to Wyoming for the 24th.....thanks to the Heislets (sorry if i spelled it wrong) My family is friends with their family and do work together. Two summers ago my parents were invited to go on their annual river rafting trip and my parents decided to go, which is surprising since they NEVER go on vacations anymore. So my parents me and my sisters and Billy (a friend of mine) went. We had so much fun and they were such amazing people to spend our vacation with that my family decided to go every year. Last year my whole family went and it was so fun. It was crazy to get the whole family on vacation together and it is very rare so it definitely is a treat. This year the family is even bigger and going for even longer so im so excited!!!! There are 21 people in my family that are going this year so we are bringing two trailers and a tent to fit everyone. Half of the fam is leaving on Saturday and the rest of us are going in the middle of next week due to work. I'm so excited, i love vacations with the whole fam! Anthony's family might even be going too which would be SO FUN! Anthony has been friends with the heislets (Candice)since he was like 12 so he has gone with them many times. We didn't get to go on our Hawaii trip this year and I am really missing it so this vacation is even that much more exciting since we haven't been able to get away yet this summer. We love to see everyone each year and have so much fun with everyone that goes! I highly recommend going on vacation with any of the families that go river rafting each year, they are all such fun and nice people. They really make our vacation so much better! Thanks again Heislets we love you guys and all of your friends! Here are some pictures from last year and the year before.
These are from the first year we went

on the raft

mckell mom and me

me and my dad

mom sky and me.

Here are some pictures from last year with the whole family

Everyone in the back of the truck early in the morning to go to the river....it was so COLD and the water is freeeeeeeeezing!!!

me, Avery, Anelie and the GORGEOUS pregnant WITH TWINS Lorena

I LOVE this picture of Sara, she is so dang cute and i LOVE her pregnant belly! yes both of my sister in laws were pregnant last year and couldn't go down the river so this year will be even funner.

Here is some of the family after we got off the river.

Poor Anna got a shot of everyone mooning the camera and my mom is checking to see if her daughters really were showing their bums haha

Anthony jumping off the rock

stopping half way through to drop the little ones off before the bigger stuff

on the raft, these guys are the funnest people EVER they made our vacation perfect

Braylee, Avery and Anelie on the river. I hope they can go down the whole way this year.

Monday, May 4, 2009


It is now official, i graduated on Friday and the day turned out great. It was so fun to see some of my old classmates that i hadn't seen really since December. A lot of them i became extremely close to so it was fun to laugh, talk and catch up a little bit. President Monson spoke at our graduation and it was amazing they also gave him and his wife an honorary doctorite which was such an amazing way to finish off the ceremony. We went to eat at Olive Garden after and like always it was delicious. here are some pics of graduation.

Then on Saturday my three older nieces had a dance competition. It was so cute to see them do their little dances. They are too adorable!!!!

Later Sat I played with my nieces all night which was a blast and we all got to watch my little sister McKell get ready and leave to her senior prom. She looked absolutely beautiful and her and Will are so whooped over each other it is so cute!

Now onto the "job" subject....I have had two interviews now, one on thursday and I had one again today. Cross your fingers for me to at least get more interviews or get hired on somewhere. I have so many more pictures to put up, but it takes too long so maybe i will post more another day :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter was so fun, i love when my family all gets together! There is always some source of good entertainment with everyone. On Sat we had an Easter egg hunt at my parents barn. I love watching all of my nieces. I am so lucky to be an aunt to six little girls who I have to say are the CUTEST girls on earth.
Constance, Isabella and Gesenia with my hot momma

The older girls Braylee, Avery and Anelie and gma Vest

Then on Sunday my parents had an amazing dinner with my dad's famous ribs. Anthony and I hid some eggs so the girls could have an easter egg hunt (since they were in trouble on sat and couldn't look for eggs)

We then went to anthony's parents and got an easter basket (thank you staci) with a new guide to readng the B.O.M. which i am so excited to start into. After about ten minutes of being there i started not feeling too well. We go home and i go to sleep just to wake up with the worst migrain.. AND once again anthony is the BIGGEST sweetheart and gets up and gets my medicine a cold washcloth and is freaking out trying to get me to go to the er or call my mom. he stayed up all night even though he had to be to work early the next morning just to keep his eye on me...Best husband EVER! anyway it has gradually been dieing off but it was horrible until wed night. So i finally am back to work today and really hope i don't ever have to experience that again.

On another note, my little sister Mckell turned 18 yesterday WOW that is so weird to me, i was just turning 18, now she is going to be off to college in the fall. Crazy how time flies so fast.

I have the best family ever and aren't my nieces the cutest girls ever?!?! boys better watch out!!!

Also I went and saw the puppies adn they are so cute here is a picture.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm going to be a MOMMY!!!

So i went to the gyno today to get some tests done and came home with a bag full of prenatal vitamins, when i got home i just gave the bag to anthony since he was home for his lunch break. He looked inside and said "whats this? no way! are you serious? babe tell me the truth?" so i said yep the doctor said that lots of women have a menstral cycle when they are pregnant. he says "holy shit, are you serious" at this point i couldn't hold a straight face anymore and i told him that I was kidding, but i had him going, it was great, I always try and trick him to see his reaction and he usually never falls for it, but i got him this time! now when i really do get pregnant he is not going to believe me. however, yes its true i am going to be a mom, but not to a baby.....Ralphy got his woman pregnant and she had the puppies TODAY. She had seven!!!! and we get pick of the litter. I am so excited! Bulldog puppies are the cutest puppies ever. we are going to see them tonight i cant wait. you know those people you can't stand that talk about their dogs 24/7 and act like they are their kids well i have a feeling anthony and i are becoming those people :(.

anyways on another note, my last day of school is tomorrow and my senior project and senior portfolio are due....both of which i still need to due. i worked on my project for 5 hours and only have half of it done so i guess its going to be a late night tonight after work trying to finish it. STUPID me for procrastinating everything. oh well i will get it done. I would like to say thur will be my last day of school ever, but it won't i WILL get my masters, but not for a while, anthony thinks i should just keep going, but i just want to work and make money for now so we will see what i decide.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Now What

Well I officially completed my student teaching today and it was a happy/sad moment, but now its back to work and actually getting a decent pay check YAY! Anthony got a job at a t mobile corprate store which should be good...good benefits and good pay. Now I need to start my senior project that is due in a week and a half. Wish I would have started that sooner, but I procrastinate everything. I have my district interview on the 6th of april and im so nervous! After that I can start applying and I hope I get a job soon because I am stressing over it. I sure am going to miss the kids I was teaching, I really don't see how teachers do it every year. Well im getting off work now and im going to go enjoy my weekend so i hope you all do the same!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wanna play catch up?!?!

Well I finally got caught up (mostly)at work, since im only here like 10 hours a week i get behind. Luckily I have bonnie to cover me while im off student teaching.so i thought while i have a minute i will update. Everything is going perfectly. I have gotten use to my busy schedule and actually am enjoying it, but its coming to an end in a week and a half. I will officially be done with my student teaching a week from friday and honestly i am sad, but happy at the same time. Mostly im excited to see a normal pay check, other than that i don't want to stop student teaching, it really shows me that i am going into the right field for my career. I absolutely love teaching, though some days are rough, there really is nothing more i would rather be doing with my life. Other than that a few things have happened....We went to Vegas for nascar (like we do every year) it was so much fun and i loved spending time with my family, they are so amazing ALL of them. It amazes me how different each person in my family is, but we all get along and have so much fun together. Meanwhile in Vegas anthony and I had our one year, Well kind of. We got married on leap day so technically we only have an aniversary once every four years, which is great because then we don't have to celebrate it every year and get each other gifts and all that crap. But every four years we are going to do something BIG we decided.

Well our first year of marriage was honestly different than i expected. I knew anthony for 10 yrs before we started dating and we were glued at the hip for a year and a half before we got married, so i thought it wouldn't be any different even though everyone told me it was. It really was a lot different and a lot harder, but in a good way I wouldn't change any of it for the world. And I honestly couldn't dream of being with anyone besides anthony for the rest of my life. Every trial we have gone through in this first year has only made us stronger as a couple and as individuals. So even though so many people said it is so hard I think it is only hard in a good way. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband. He is by far the biggest sweetheart I have ever met in a man. He does anything i want and always sacrifices the things that he wants so he can give me something i want even if i dont ask for it, he picks up on little things and knows when i need or want something really bad so he goes and does it for me. he truly is the love of my life and i am so happy to wake up to him every morning knowing that he is the one that will always be there. ya enough with the mushy crap! so i thought i would post some fun pictures of our wedding day and our reception. our wedding day was feb 29, 08 and our reception was may 1 08. We did it this way becuase i was in school and couldn't plan a wedding and we just wanted to be married so we just went to vegas with our families and had a ceremony in a chapel that my dad's friend owns. it ended up being beautiful and i couldn't have asked for more.

Now here is some of the reception photos. I still havent gotten the professional pictures back so hopefully since it has been over a year i will get them soon, but these pics are some my family members took.Honestly i could have done without the reception, big parties where the attention is on me is just not my thing but it really was fun overall. and still i thank both of our parents for everything they do for us still and everything they did for us getting the wedding plans together especially dealing with anthony and i. we are the biggest procrastinators in the world so our poor moms had the extra stress of worrying if we were going to take care of our "jobs" anyway hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ok yes I know this is a blog overload, but take what you can get alright. here are some pics from vegas...and yes my hair is now dark red so tell me what you think.