Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter was so fun, i love when my family all gets together! There is always some source of good entertainment with everyone. On Sat we had an Easter egg hunt at my parents barn. I love watching all of my nieces. I am so lucky to be an aunt to six little girls who I have to say are the CUTEST girls on earth.
Constance, Isabella and Gesenia with my hot momma

The older girls Braylee, Avery and Anelie and gma Vest

Then on Sunday my parents had an amazing dinner with my dad's famous ribs. Anthony and I hid some eggs so the girls could have an easter egg hunt (since they were in trouble on sat and couldn't look for eggs)

We then went to anthony's parents and got an easter basket (thank you staci) with a new guide to readng the B.O.M. which i am so excited to start into. After about ten minutes of being there i started not feeling too well. We go home and i go to sleep just to wake up with the worst migrain.. AND once again anthony is the BIGGEST sweetheart and gets up and gets my medicine a cold washcloth and is freaking out trying to get me to go to the er or call my mom. he stayed up all night even though he had to be to work early the next morning just to keep his eye on me...Best husband EVER! anyway it has gradually been dieing off but it was horrible until wed night. So i finally am back to work today and really hope i don't ever have to experience that again.

On another note, my little sister Mckell turned 18 yesterday WOW that is so weird to me, i was just turning 18, now she is going to be off to college in the fall. Crazy how time flies so fast.

I have the best family ever and aren't my nieces the cutest girls ever?!?! boys better watch out!!!

Also I went and saw the puppies adn they are so cute here is a picture.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm going to be a MOMMY!!!

So i went to the gyno today to get some tests done and came home with a bag full of prenatal vitamins, when i got home i just gave the bag to anthony since he was home for his lunch break. He looked inside and said "whats this? no way! are you serious? babe tell me the truth?" so i said yep the doctor said that lots of women have a menstral cycle when they are pregnant. he says "holy shit, are you serious" at this point i couldn't hold a straight face anymore and i told him that I was kidding, but i had him going, it was great, I always try and trick him to see his reaction and he usually never falls for it, but i got him this time! now when i really do get pregnant he is not going to believe me. however, yes its true i am going to be a mom, but not to a baby.....Ralphy got his woman pregnant and she had the puppies TODAY. She had seven!!!! and we get pick of the litter. I am so excited! Bulldog puppies are the cutest puppies ever. we are going to see them tonight i cant wait. you know those people you can't stand that talk about their dogs 24/7 and act like they are their kids well i have a feeling anthony and i are becoming those people :(.

anyways on another note, my last day of school is tomorrow and my senior project and senior portfolio are due....both of which i still need to due. i worked on my project for 5 hours and only have half of it done so i guess its going to be a late night tonight after work trying to finish it. STUPID me for procrastinating everything. oh well i will get it done. I would like to say thur will be my last day of school ever, but it won't i WILL get my masters, but not for a while, anthony thinks i should just keep going, but i just want to work and make money for now so we will see what i decide.