Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chetter BUg

Look how cute my little guy is :) He brings so much happiness to my life it is unexplainable

I love this hat on him

in his camo

Chett's tux my aunt Collette made for his blessing

Cutie pie

Chett with his grandpa Charlie

Monday, January 10, 2011

I am not going to make any promises that i will keep this thing updated. With my little guy at home i don't want to do anything but play with him. I am back to work now, today was my first day back and i am missing him soooooo much! I missed my class a lot though and was so excited to see them all again. They are such great kids and I love my job so much that it makes coming back to work a little easier.
Yes Chett finally came, but after one heck of a struggle. I will post the story later, but I just wanted to post a quick update about our perfect little man. He was born Dec. 3rd 7lbs 8oz 19in long. He is so perfect.....i know i am partial, but i swear i could stare at him all day long and not get bored of it for one second. Anthony and I lay in bed at night with him and just talk about how lucky we are and how amazing he is. We do it every night and still can't believe how perfect he is each time we get in bed and stare at him again. I will be posting pictures eventually, but I suck at keeping up with anything now. Maybe I will get better, but like i said no promises. I can't put Chett down long enough to upload my pics and now that I am back at work I know I will be loving on him even more when I get home.