Sunday, July 26, 2009


well we finally made it home. I definitely could have stayed another week. The ride home was soooo long because of my dumb ass! I missed the park city exit so we went through heber which was no biggy, but we (me, mckell, will and taylor) got stuck behind a huge wreck in the provo canyon. truck and trailer tipped blocking all lanes so we spent about three hours stopped in the canyon. it really wasn't too bad though it was kinda fun to talk and get to know them all on a better level. The trip was a blast for the most part. i had so much fun with my family and it was nice to get away from EVERYTHING! but now i feel like i need a RELAXING vacation from this vacation because the river trip is busy busy busy and when you add three little babies and three kids under six and then the whole rest of the crew it was overall exhausting BUT so worth every minute of it. I would get in my car and go back right now if i could and do it all over again! I will post pictures tomorrow when im at work. But i hope you all had a great and safe 24th!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I can't wait to get the heck out of here tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The fam is getting ready for our camping trip to Wyoming for the 24th.....thanks to the Heislets (sorry if i spelled it wrong) My family is friends with their family and do work together. Two summers ago my parents were invited to go on their annual river rafting trip and my parents decided to go, which is surprising since they NEVER go on vacations anymore. So my parents me and my sisters and Billy (a friend of mine) went. We had so much fun and they were such amazing people to spend our vacation with that my family decided to go every year. Last year my whole family went and it was so fun. It was crazy to get the whole family on vacation together and it is very rare so it definitely is a treat. This year the family is even bigger and going for even longer so im so excited!!!! There are 21 people in my family that are going this year so we are bringing two trailers and a tent to fit everyone. Half of the fam is leaving on Saturday and the rest of us are going in the middle of next week due to work. I'm so excited, i love vacations with the whole fam! Anthony's family might even be going too which would be SO FUN! Anthony has been friends with the heislets (Candice)since he was like 12 so he has gone with them many times. We didn't get to go on our Hawaii trip this year and I am really missing it so this vacation is even that much more exciting since we haven't been able to get away yet this summer. We love to see everyone each year and have so much fun with everyone that goes! I highly recommend going on vacation with any of the families that go river rafting each year, they are all such fun and nice people. They really make our vacation so much better! Thanks again Heislets we love you guys and all of your friends! Here are some pictures from last year and the year before.
These are from the first year we went

on the raft

mckell mom and me

me and my dad

mom sky and me.

Here are some pictures from last year with the whole family

Everyone in the back of the truck early in the morning to go to the was so COLD and the water is freeeeeeeeezing!!!

me, Avery, Anelie and the GORGEOUS pregnant WITH TWINS Lorena

I LOVE this picture of Sara, she is so dang cute and i LOVE her pregnant belly! yes both of my sister in laws were pregnant last year and couldn't go down the river so this year will be even funner.

Here is some of the family after we got off the river.

Poor Anna got a shot of everyone mooning the camera and my mom is checking to see if her daughters really were showing their bums haha

Anthony jumping off the rock

stopping half way through to drop the little ones off before the bigger stuff

on the raft, these guys are the funnest people EVER they made our vacation perfect

Braylee, Avery and Anelie on the river. I hope they can go down the whole way this year.