Wednesday, August 13, 2008

more proof

I had such a great weekend. I didn't exactly do too much. Anthony worked all weekend (like usual) and I tried to finish the book I am reading. It was great though we just spent time together and I just relaxed while Anthony was working. Mondays are my day off and Anthony usually has Mondays off too so we always spend the whole day just hanging out with each other. I had offered to watch two of my nieces Avery and Anelie while their mom took Braylee school shopping since she is starting kindergarten this year and because I do not get to see the girls as much as I use to and i absolutely LOVE to play with them. So the girls came over and we just hung around and did random things until Braylee got done shopping and we took all three of them plus anthony's little sisters and my little sister to the pool. This brings me to the title of my post....I know and have always known what a great dad anthony will be when we decide to have kids, but this Monday was a great reminder. Avery and Anelie who are 3 and 4 wanted to paint everyones nails so we went out front of our house and Anthony let them paint his nails and was having so much fun with them.

They were so cute! and BRIGHT pink

They were so carefull and wanted his nails to look perfect.

This is all of our toes when they were finished.

but they still wanted to paint more so anthony let them paint ralphys toes too.

Soooooo funny! Ralphy was not happy though.

This is a picture from when anthony and i were dating and my nieces wanted him to paint their nails.
Anyway after we finished swimming all 6 of the girls wanted to sleep over at our house so, OF COURSE, we let them. Anthony went to the store and got movies and treats. It was such a fun night. the next morning anthony went and got donuts for everyone and made eggs for breakfast. WOW what a great guy. he hung out with 7 girls for almost two days and never complained once. to be completely honest I think he had more fun than i did. What a great guy!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Hubby

This is one of my favorite pictures! My two boys sleeping on the couch. We got rid of our other dog finally and I am so happy. I really love our dog Ralphy, but with two dogs our house was a wreck.
Anyway I just wanted to do a little post on my wonderful husband. He is so amazing and does absolutely everything for me. I swear his main goal in life is to make me happy. It is so weird to me because I have never had someone spoil me 24/7. I am just so thankful for all the little stuff he does for me like he always brings me stuff home just to suprise me and goes shopping with me (i hate shopping) and helps me find the cutest things and then buys them for me because he knows I hate spending money and won't buy them for myself. and on top of all of the stuff he does for me he works at a job that he really doesn't like and works his butt off so that I don't have to work and can get my schooling done. I do still work, but I don't HAVE to and when I start student teaching I'm not going to be able to work hardly at all. The thing about the whole situation is I know how bad he wants to finish school so he can get a job that he loves to do and he took last semester off so he could pay for my ring and never said a word to me, even though I gave him so much crap for not going to school last semester he just took all of my "bitching" and never once said that he took the semster off so he could use the money he would have paid for school with to buy me a ring. I did eventually find out and I felt horrible, but he just tells me that being married to me is the most important thing to him. He is so excited to start back up this semester and wants to take a ton of classes, but isn't so that he can work more and I can finish. Sorry I know i am going off and probably don't make sence, but this has been bothering me because school is coming up and we have been discussing the whole situation. Anyway Anthony is just one of those people that LOVES school, he would much rather go to school and learn than work and he is giving that up for me. He is such an amazing person and has the biggest heart. He really would do anything for the people he cares about. I am just so happy that I married him. I can not imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. He makes me happier than i could have ever imagined. Thanks hun I love you!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wyoming Trip

Our vacation over the 24th was so much fun. It was way too short but it was nice to get the whole family together and hang out. We would go down the river twice a day so we didn't get too much time to just relax, but it was a blast!!!

This is just some of the fam. Two of my sis in laws are pregnant so they couldn't go down and Sky and my three nieces didn't go down this time.

Braylee Anelie and Avery got to go down the first half of the river. They were so cute and had so much fun except the river was so cold they froze their cute little butts off.

Getting ready to go down to the river bright and early.

Family love

Ya i look like I am peeing or something....who knows

I stayed back one of the runs so I could show Lorena where to pick up the girls in the middle before the bigger rapids so they could go down a couple of times.

Typical Peterson photo
Nothing too exciting has been going on. I met the teacher that I am student teaching for this year and helped her set up her classroom. She is so awesome! She is only 2 years older than me and this is her 3rd year teaching. We get along so well so I am expecting to have an amazing experience doing my student teaching. School starts so soon. I thought I would be ready to go back after this long summer (it is the first one I haven't taken classes during since I graduated high school) but it just made me not want to go back even more. I am so excited to do my student teaching though. I truly can not wait to be a teacher.....What an AMAZING and rewarding job!!!! My friend from high school blessed her baby boy on Sunday so we went to that and then to her house after for lunch. It was so good to see a few old friends and catch up.
During sacrament Anthony kept telling me to ask linz to hold her baby. So finally after he asked me a million times he just turned around and asked her. Linz handed little Kaleb to him and Anthony held him and fed him the whole rest of church. WOW! ok i know anthony is really good with kids and loves them, but he always says he wants to wait a few years as do I. Well after this he tells me that Kaleb kinda makes him want to have a baby. Excuse me? where is this coming from? I'm suppose to be the baby hungry one NOT you! So after talking about it we really are waiting a few years, but that little boy made anthony fall completely in love. It was adorable!!!! I am so excited to have kids one day, but I want to be completely ready and I know that I am not right now. Plus two of my sister in laws are having babies so this fall we will be surrounded by newborns. I am so excited and can't wait to see the cute new additions to the family!!!!