Thursday, May 29, 2008

See Ya!!!!

well nothing new has been going on. My house is spottless, seriously even the carpets got cleaned....thanks to Anthony. He really did it ALL.....he is too amazing! So now all I have to worry about before we leave in the morning is packing me and Anthony tonight and taking Ralphy (our cute bull dog) over to my bro and sis in law Jeremy and Sara's house. They were nice enough to agree to watching him for 11 days while we are gone. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Hopefully they will have fun with him, I'm sure he will just sleep all the time and hump the crap out of Boogies (their boston tarrier). I'm betting you will want a bull dog after this week Sara haha. Anyway after those things are done I have nothing to worry about except walking onto the plane. I'm so excited. I know it has been less than a year since I went, but after this school year from HELL I really have been looking forward to this vacation. I hated school so bad last semester, I almost didn't make it through and then I would have had to take summer classes which would make me unable to go to Hawaii this year, but luckily I worked my but off and through the sweat and tears passed all of my classes with almost all A's, but one B- which was the one that would have screwed me over in the teaching program. So anyway I think after that I neeeeeeeeeed this vacation. Ha do you like how I act like I don't have the life. Sorry I know I do I am the luckiest person EVER and I know it. I guess I just like to complain sometimes. Well see you all in like 11 days!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The long weekend

Well we didn't do too much over the weekend. Anthony had to work the whole time (wonderful world of a sales job holidays are when you work the most). I was planning on finishing painting our kitchen on saturday but I woke up with a killer migrain and was puking becasue it was so bad so i was in bed till five and took enough medicine so I could finally get in the shower and attempt to get ready. We went to my brother brady's to watch the ufc fights then pretty much did nothing the rest of the weekend. Anthony's family left for Hawaii on Monday already so we are keeping our eye on their house and we get to drive anthony's dad's car while they are gone. It is such a sweet car, i feel so cool driving it ha sad but i really do. Its a mercedes sport something or other. Im not into the whole nice sporty flashy cars, but I can't say I don't love driving them especially when the car is so fast it takes your breath away. He is selling it and we are thinking about buying it his dad is going to give us an amazing deal on it if we do so we are a little tempted, but we decided we would test it out this week and see if we like it enough.
We got our house all clean so it won't be a mess when we come home from Hawaii. I HATE coming home from vacation to a messy house. We have so much to do before we leave, I still have to take back a ton of gifts that we got doubles of before we go and i really want to finish my thank you's. In three days exactly I will be walking off the plane oh ya im soooo excited!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

So after all of my doing nothing for the past week, i went home from work yesterday and the house was sooooo clean. Anthony had woke up early before work just to clean it so i wouldn't have to. I felt so bad because he has been doing everything the past week or so. so i decided i would get the painting done before he got off work and i actually got a lot done...yay for me finally not being a lazy bum for once.
Anyway only one week till im off to hawaii and seriously i cant wait. Im going to be working all holiday weekend to try and make up for the week of hours i will miss, but it will be sooooo worth it when im sitting on the beautiful beach in hawaii. I also got like twenty of my thank yous written FINALLY. I still have about 80 more but hey its a start. Hopefully we finish our kitchen this weekend so we won't have to worry about it when we get home from our vacation, but Im not counting on it too much.
Soooo I have to vent about something. I get a text today that says "we are not frinds anymore bitch!" ha i had to laugh because sorry im over that whole high school shit and plus i had no idea who the number was so i wrote back "well thats too bad but obviously we weren't that good of friends in the first place since i don't even have your number" never got a response. i really don't care but i was too curious so i called the number and got an answering machine and ah ha no suprise on who it was. WOW people do you seriously have nothing better to do in your pathetic boring lives to worry about me and if we are friends or not? ha seriously grow up. anyway just had to write that. People are so ridiculous it makes me laugh!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay so i have been tempted to start blogging FOREVER and I always read people's blogs and love it for a couple reasons, it keeps me updated on their lives and it passes time at work. I made this blog for one of my class assignments last year and never touched it except to do asignments that I was forced to do. Well now I decided I would start blogging and keep up with the trend.
I will start with just a short intro to my life as of now. I just married the most amazing person ever, Anthony Turchetta. We met when we were 12 and I had an instant crush on him, but so did everyone else that knew him. We became friends and would always talk on the phone in jr high and then our friendship grew and we finally started dating our senior year of high school. But that didn't last too long because he was leaving for college in san diego to play football and i had just got out of a horrible 3 year relationship and the only thing I was interested in was hanging with my friends and having fun. anyway long story short he came back from playing football two years later and we hung out one time and were instantly glued at the hip. Everything just seemed so perfect and it was like we were made for each other. After going through hell and back in our relationship we got married Feb. 29, 2008 and are sooooooo happy. He is the best husband ever and treats me like gold, seriously sometimes it bothers me because i dont think i deserve it with my brattiness and crazy emotions sometimes, but he always reasures me that i do deserve the world i am so lucky to have him in my life.
I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher and only have two semesters left including my student teaching YAY. Teaching is my dream job becuase i absolutely love kids and i want to be a mom and what better job can a mom have than a teacher(same schedules and full benefits). Anthony and I bought a town home in Lehi and are gradually remodeling it and fixing it up. We started on the kitchen last weekend WOW what a pain. It took all day and it is not even half done. Needless to say I havent touched it since Saturday so our kitchen looks like hell and I dont even care. Im hoping we get it finished before we leave to Hawaii next friday, but im not counting on it because i still have over a hundred thank you cards to write from our reception BLAH not looking forward to that either! I guess i shouldnt be complaining because i am going to hawaii in a week YAY. I can't wait to walk off the plane in beautiful Hawaii next friday. Okay im pretty sure i over did my first blog so i guess i will stop now but im sure i will write more tomorrow while im bored at work again.