Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Waiting to go on vacation! I can't wait till we are in the car on our way to Wyoming. I swear this summer has been nothing but a vacation for me though, but i still look forward to getting out of town. We are HOPEFULLY leaving tomorrow, but who knows. im the only lucky one who can leave work whenever I want. So we have to see what time all of the boys get off work tomorrow and if it is too late then we will be leaving thursday morning. I'm really thinking about just driving up myself tomorrow and telling all the girls that they are welcome to ditch the boys with me and leave in the afternoon tomorrow. I want to make the most of the rest of the summer since school starts in less than a month and im NOT ready to go back yet. I put up some pictures of the American Idol concert since i had tons of fun at it and i chopped even more of my hair off just before we went. I promised anthony that i was not going to cut my hair again after that so now i have to grow it out again. He loved my long hair, but I get too bored too easy with my hair and have to change it up every so often so i guess now i will just have to color it to get a change instead of cutting it off. Anyway everyone have a great 24th and be safe!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I haven't posted for a while so I will do a little update on whats been going on. The weekend of the fourth was so fun. We spent it all with family which was so nice. Jeremy and Sara (brother and sister in law) had a 4th of july/Jeremy's Bday bbq at the cabin.....all you can eat crab mmm so good. Well that night mostly everyone that went to the cabin got sick. First we thought maybe we all ate something but come to find out it was a wonderful flu going around. I was sick for a week and today is the first day I finally feel 100% better and WOW is it nice!!!
We got a new dog the weekend of the fourth too. He is an English bull dog like our other one but he is almost two yrs old. But now we are trying to sell him because of multiple reasons but mostly I just am sick of dogs making my house stink and so if you know anyone looking he is a great dog and AKC registered.
Last night we went to American Idol with my mom and some of the fam and seriously I did not expect it to be so good. It was so fun and all of the singers were amazing! Now I'm loooking forward to our family vacation next week. We are going to Wyoming to go river rafting/camping. My whole fam is going which does not happen very often. So I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

fun weekend

We actually did stuff over the weekend. Usually we don't do too much and just hang around the house...but last weekend we actually did stuff every night. Friday night we went to the rodeo with my family which was so fun. I love the rodeo and its kinda fun running into people I know from Lehi that I haven't seen in forever. I offered to watch my nieces on saturday so my sis in law Lorena could take my brother out for his birthday since on his birthday he worked from 5am to 9pm (crazy construction hours) So Lorena dropped my three nieces off at 3 and I had so much fun with them. I absolutely love them and can't wait for the three more on the way. Anyway Anthony and I took the girls shopping for treats and then took them to see Wall-E which I honestly thought was going to be such a cute move, but I didn't think it was as good as I expected. It was cute, but I really don't think I would watch it again. After the movie we went home and Heidi and Abe came over with their little girl. We took them all to the park and had so much fun. Anthony just adores my nieces and he is so good with them. He will be such a good day someday when we are ready. Then on Sunday Anthony actually didn't have to work (which doesn't happen very often) so we just hung out went shopping and took our dog to the park. It was such a good weekend. Im also excited for this weekend I love the 4th of July and on Saturday Jeremy and Sara (bro and sis in law) are having a big bbq with seafood mmmm mmmmm mmmmm I love seafood especially crab and thats what they are having. Im so excited and hope this weekend is as fun as last. Ha ya my fun weekends are pretty lame, but to me they are great, we are already like an old married couple.