Monday, May 4, 2009


It is now official, i graduated on Friday and the day turned out great. It was so fun to see some of my old classmates that i hadn't seen really since December. A lot of them i became extremely close to so it was fun to laugh, talk and catch up a little bit. President Monson spoke at our graduation and it was amazing they also gave him and his wife an honorary doctorite which was such an amazing way to finish off the ceremony. We went to eat at Olive Garden after and like always it was delicious. here are some pics of graduation.

Then on Saturday my three older nieces had a dance competition. It was so cute to see them do their little dances. They are too adorable!!!!

Later Sat I played with my nieces all night which was a blast and we all got to watch my little sister McKell get ready and leave to her senior prom. She looked absolutely beautiful and her and Will are so whooped over each other it is so cute!

Now onto the "job" subject....I have had two interviews now, one on thursday and I had one again today. Cross your fingers for me to at least get more interviews or get hired on somewhere. I have so many more pictures to put up, but it takes too long so maybe i will post more another day :)