Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to Life

WOW have I been lazy. Over the holidays I had two weeks off of work and had no school. Anthony also pretty much had two weeks off becuase he was in between jobs. We really did nothing!!! I had such a great Christmas with our families other than that we just stayed home and did NOTHING. It was a little pathetic, but I really enjoyed it. On New years eve we were going to go out with some friends, but after getting all ready we decided that it would be fun to just stay home and just watch movies and it was by far the best new years i have ever had. We took pictures since we both got all ready to go out so when i remember to bring my camera i will post them. Now its back to student teaching and working and school really i love it and I'm excited to be back in class with my teacher and students they are so amazing! Anthony started his new job on monday and it looks like it is going to be awesome! he took this semester off of school so that i could quit my job and just focus on student teaching and school, but i didn't end up quitting becuase really i would be lost without a job and some extra cash that i know i earned. I'm just not satisfied with anthony handing me his check, it makes me feel bad and plus i know there will plenty of years for that when we have kids. But his new job is going great and he is loving it and he is happy which makes me happy. Now the next step is graduating may 1st and getting anthony graduated next spring. Wow time really flies, i don't feel like i should be graduating college, high school maybe but not college. I guess i have to grow up sometime. well i hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!!!